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Editorial Policy is one of the UK's largest and most respected independent sources of broadband information and commentary. We have been operating since the inception of mainstream broadband services in the UK back in 2000 and throughput this time, we have always done so in accordance with an implicit set of values focussing on fairness and impartiality.

Our editorial content encompassing our news, guides and blog articles have been exclusively written by our own staff and not sourced from outside agencies or publishers, ensuring out high quality content and consistency is maintained. We occasionally invite respected third parties to contribute in the way of a guest post which is clearly flagged as such. These types of posts are not common and always at our invitation; we will not entertain any proposals from third parties (or their agents) to write content for us, whether for a fee or free.

We focus our coverage on what we consider our users want to read and thus publish fewer articles than most other sites and focus on providing analysis where possible. Where an issue has been widely covered elsewhere, we are less likely to write about it.

Please remember thinkbroadband staff are not employed full-time to produce content for the site. We do this for the passion of helping users with broadband related issues. As such, your assistance in helping us by sending us press releases under embargo is highly appreciated and likely to yield to better coverage.

Editorial Criteria

There are hundreds of companies providing broadband services in the UK and it would not be possible for us to cover every press release sent to us. The following criteria are intended as guidance to such companies and their PR agencies and companies to explain how we work.

We welcome relevant press releases even where we are unlikely to publish a news article based on them directly. We often use press releases for background information about your company and sometimes refer to them in future articles.

Please note the following criteria:

Press Releases

Please note the following advice about formatting and procedure.

Our Conduct


If you believe we have made a mistake in an article, please contact the author of the article directly. You will find their name and e-mail address linked to in the header. Alternatively please e-mail We will endeavour to make corrections as soon as possible. If you are still unhappy, please see the complaints procedure below.

Complaints Procedure

We understand that sometimes you may be unhappy with our coverage of your company or its products and services. If you have any problems that you cannot resolve directly with the author of the article, please send an e-mail to and we will investigate it as soon as possible.


If you have any queries about this policy, please contact