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Virgin Media 100 Mbps through to 300 Mbps products now live on website
Thursday 30 March 2017 13:18:49 by Andrew Ferguson

While the new wave of broadband speeds from Virgin Media are not going to involve automatic upgrades for existing customers, as the months go by and new customers sign-up plus existing customers request upgrades we should see a distinct change in the average speeds recorded by Virgin Media.

Our package listings for Virgin Media have been updated to reflect the new entry 100 Mbps service and the new 300 Mbps top speed package. There has also been a bit of price tweaking and the addition of the new Virgin TV V6 set-top box to selected triple play bundles.

We won't be immediately changing our analysis of Virgin Media speed tests for our monthly reports, but once we see a significant proportion (likely to be a few months) on the new speed tiers we will adjust how we handle the product splits. Our coverage analysis does use the maximum speed sold by various providers to arrive at an 'Estimated Maximum Mean Download Speed' figure and with 49% of UK premises going from a maximum speed option of 200 Mbps to 300 Mbps and thus once we add the Q1/2017 data we will update this figure, so you can expect a jump from the current 131.5 Mbps for the UK.

Ofcom will be pleased that the 300 Mbps is now a standard product, as with their 300 Mbps definition of ultrafast the UK will jump from just 2.4% to above 51% in their next analysis later in 2017.

For Virgin Media the roll-out is also well timed to coincide with any changes to broadband advertising, since their own sampling of a small number of connections is going to mean they will have average broadband speeds for their entry level product two or three times faster than BT Consumer VDSL2 products. The move towards 'more honest advertising' does carry the potential to backfire though, as consumers are so used to the 10% rule invariably not delivering and many seem to overlook or forget the personalised estimates given during signup and with the new rules if as expected do require average speeds in adverts those getting below the advert speed may well become more vocal and we are well aware of the modern ability for a small number of people to have a disproportionately loud voice on social media.

Some suggest that full fibre is the solution to the problems with speeds, but that only fixes the variability on connection speeds due to the physics of distance, something DOCSIS cable broadband has already fixed, there are still many factors that can influence the speed the consumer sees. Put simply providers across the planet provision consumer broadband on the proviso that just a small proportion will be using their connection to the full extent at once and any provider that increases the maximum potential speed for customers without ensuring that peak time capacity has expanded at a rate to more than cope is asking for trouble down the road.


Posted by mlmclaren 30 days ago
Has anyone tried getting the upgraded tiers yet??
Posted by mlmclaren 30 days ago
Well I spoke to someone through web chat.... they said if I upgrade to 300mb which should be an extra £5 it will increase my bill from £42.50 to £93 a month.
Posted by mlmclaren 30 days ago
After further checking I've noticed the little trick virgin have played with regards to bundles....

They have basically made it so the basic 200mb which would of originally been 100mb is now the tier included with the full house bundle...

So not as many as first thought will be able to get a free upgrade as first thought.
Posted by mlmclaren 30 days ago
Upgrading from 200 to 200 Gamer will cost an extra £5 and to 300 will cost an extra £10.... not a bad offer considering the cost of 300 before now but still a bit sneaky hehe.
Posted by John_Gray 30 days ago
On the "package listings for Virgin Media" page it might be worth updating the Notes?
Posted by adslmax 30 days ago
steer clear of overscription virgin media. they are awful service. best to avoid it. go and get fttc instead for more reliable broadband and cheaper than virgin media.
Posted by ZenUser27 30 days ago
Agreed, still rocking 3mbps around here, both FTTC lines 80/20 24/7
Posted by BuckleZ 30 days ago
^^ do you ever give over
Posted by rtho782 30 days ago
I just moved from Homeworks 300 (With a £6 discount, at £59.xx a month) to the new Vivid 300, and was able to keep the £6 discount, although I had to recontract.

I'm now paying £41.25, for the same speed, so pretty happy, not sure when an ISP last reduced my price by 30%.
Posted by comnut 30 days ago
sorry, but 'words' like FTTC/ ADSL mean as little as answering the question
'What car do you have?' with 'It has 4 wheels' ..

Did you know that VM does Fibre To The Cabinet?? read this definition .. :P :)
Posted by mlmclaren 30 days ago
@adslmax - intrigued by your comments above.... "more reliable & xheaper"....

Last time I compared the two virgin worked out both more reliable connection and cheaper...

Bare in mind that I'm considering lack of crosstalk and noise interfierence as more reliable....

Also got two TiVo boxes on Full House bundle with a £41 discount per month.....
Posted by CarlThomas 30 days ago
@comnut VM is generally not considered fibre to the cabinet.

Fibre to the neighbourhood or node; there tend to be a couple of cabinets between fibre and customer.

FTTC is usually taken to mean fibre to the last cabinet. VM's HFC architecture is hybrid/MDU with the vast majority of cabinets having no fibre.
Posted by comnut 30 days ago
yeah, and I bet you did not bother with the link!!!

Quoted from the above link..
"the fibre optic line doesn't come to your house. It is FIBRE to a local street CABINET where a node converts it to RF (radio frequency) & it is delivered the rest of the way on a coaxial cable"

As I said, FTTC is like saying 'my car has 4 wheels'.. :/
Everyone forgets about the important bit - how it is driven, the power and quality of the transport, and the 'suspension'..
Posted by comnut 30 days ago
And BTW my work is on the FIFTH floor of a massive office block, The VM cabinet is 50 yards from the main block, and yes, we get 300Mbps no problem!! :) :)
Posted by CarlThomas 30 days ago
I read the link but not in depth. Mostly because I helped teach many of those guys about cable networks, either directly or indirectly, during the earlier days of the forum as both a standard user and, on occasion, a superuser.

The technical sticky on power levels, SNR, etc, uses some information from me and I was involved in reviewing it.

Perhaps try reading my post properly and/or not posting inanities. Either works.
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) 29 days ago
+1 To Virgin Media being labelled FTTN and not FTTC
Posted by comnut 29 days ago
"FTTC – A fibre based broadband solution where a FTTC DSLAM cabinet is installed and linked to the original telephone cabinet (PCP). If you are subscribed to a FTTC broadband service such as BT Infinity or BT Unlimited Faster Broadband then your broadband connection travels from the exchange to the FTTC DSLAM cabinet via a fibre cable then from the FTTC DSLAM and PCP to your property via the existing “copper” cable.

The current speed achievable is upto 80Mbps downstream and upto 20Mbps upstream"
Posted by comnut 29 days ago
So WHERE is the BT 300Mbps to compete with the 300Mbps I have been using for at least 6 months now??
Posted by comnut 29 days ago
Nice pic here..

I see the fibre going to the cabinet, BUT there is copper going to MULTIPLE premises!...
Or this, looks more like FTTD (Dslam) !!
Posted by ZenUser27 29 days ago
I can't wait for the day you start to whinge when your area goes to pot, and it will.

You might fall off your VM praise perch then
Posted by mlmclaren 29 days ago
Wow this thread has gone down hill quiet quick....
Posted by djfunkdup 29 days ago
MrZen ..Prob best to go back under the rock you dwell and continue to stick more pins into the little VM Voodoo doll you have lol ;-)
Posted by CarlThomas 29 days ago
@Comnut This diatribe just shows that not only do you have no idea what you are talking about, but you also seem unable to comprehend relatively basic English.

Were you able to comprehend it you'd have noted that I mentioned the distinguishing factor is that on VM there are intermediate cabinets between fibre and customer, on BT FTTC there are not.
Posted by comnut 29 days ago
Zen, that will be the day when BT admits it is their fault, and not blame all the other ISPs using its lines! :)

And BT keep promising fancy things, awful customer support..

SKY may use the same BT lines, but their support is much much better!!
Posted by comnut 28 days ago
Hey WHY do I need to know the tech???
I would not care whether VM uses 'wet string' , but it DOES give me 300Mbps(business)...

The SKY TV ads have a small print on screen saying 'infinity 2(up to 76Mbps)'..

All the VM ads say '200', I am on 150, no point paying for any faster..

latest is actually 163 Mbps..

when I see a BT ad saying 'up to 300Mbps', I might believe..
Posted by mlmclaren 28 days ago
Hey comnut, do a think broadband test and link it....

Ps. I'm also a VM customer.
Posted by comnut 28 days ago
I don't usually use tbb, the results are unreliable.. eg

here is another (about the same, using same browser as above TBB... :\

dslreports gives much more details to troubleshoot..

Point me to a server where I can download an ISO at more than 150Mbps, I might find it worth upgrading, but there are not many above 70, why would they bother with supporting higher speed, its expensive enough!! :)
Posted by davethemet 28 days ago
Asked VM to quote me for upgrade from 50 to 100. It came in at £2 pm LESS. Must have been overpaying.
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) 27 days ago
@comnut What browser (+plugins) are you using?

This user on 150 Mbps service seems to nail the speeds with multiple threads
Posted by mlmclaren 26 days ago
@comnut - and that's why I asked you to run test... TBB test is just as reliable as the next... problem is Virgins running one or more of its links with London very hot and it's impacting more than just speed tests to TBB...

A story was run a while back regarding it, virgin made a little change to routing but that's not helped much... just helped with packet loss...

It's starting to get rather annoying...
Posted by comnut 26 days ago
Its nothing to do with VM, AFAICS, other wise all other tests would give strange results... :)

- give me your list of speed testers, I will try them...
or even try it yourself! (I prefer this old version)

I tried it clean install on a 'clean' PC this morning, made no changes to anything, got this result..
(if 'certain people' will not try it for themselves, well... :\ )

I look forward to *your* test!! :)
Posted by CarlThomas 26 days ago
I'd suggest that, given that's your office connection, upload is being heavily utilised at that time causing the slow ramp up in both directions, the high TCP latency, and the inconsistent downstream performance.

The shape of the upstream graph suggests heavy utilisation. Ramps up slow, doesn't max, then gets cut down as congestion control kicks in more and more.

Perhaps try it on a connection that isn't saturated.
Posted by Derek_S 26 days ago
I tried to upgrade from 200Mbs to 300Mbs a few minutes ago but it's not available here where I am in Cambridgeshire until early May. They say they'll write to me when it's available.
Posted by CarlThomas 26 days ago
So comnut I'm looking forward to your thoughts on the most recent set of Think Broadband results at

Be good to read your thoughts on how this result occurred at 10:43am on a Saturday too: given TBB is apparently to blame for your not being able to max out 300/20 at 8:30am on a weekday when load on the UK's Internet is lower.
Posted by CarlThomas 26 days ago
A quick check notes that the times are all in GMT, whereas your test was done in the BST timezone, so at 9:34am.

In which case the load is about the same on LINX, with 9:30am being low load on VM's network as it's mostly residential, yet the Hyperoptic customer was able to hit a gigabit down, over 500Mb up, while you were unable to get close to maxing 300/20 and had 3-figure TCP latency.

Look forward to your thoughts. Appreciate you are fine on but a good reason for that.
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) 26 days ago

Only difference seems to be browser based, and some versions that are several years old and may have a 'turbo' mode too. Where we detect these modes we say 'As you are using the Opera web browser we recommend turning off Turbo mode if it is enabled'. It may this old rare browser version is not being detected and given that warning.
Posted by comnut 26 days ago
Andrew: as I said before, ALL the other speedtests work ok... It is up to YOU to check WHY, and make modulations to your test, to make sure it does not happen..

I would say the same about anything mechanical, chemical, or computing - it is a fault, and at some time it will cause a problem, so fix it, don't just ignore it, unless something BAD happens...
Posted by comnut 26 days ago
CarlThomas: why do you *assume* that I am at my work??

even when I am there, I am very busy helping with active directory, 0ffice365(that seems to get updates every day, while we try to keep up), and general system upkeep...
Posted by comnut 26 days ago
"unable to get close to maxing 300/20 and had 3-figure TCP latency" ???

Maybe because I was AT HOME, on 150M, with a lot of others in the street downloading stuff???
Posted by comnut 26 days ago
oh yes, may also be after a BIIIIG download fest :P :P :O :P , so my speed was limited... :E
Posted by mlmclaren 26 days ago
Lol.... it's seeming quiet clear your not aware of how the broadband you use works.... yet you slam the competitions infrastructure....

Firstly I strongly advise you look up Virgins Traffic Management Policy! This will correct a mistake above.... then I would look at how different sites vary when it comes to speed testing....
Posted by mlmclaren 26 days ago
Ps... here's a good example of my problems in recent weeks...
Posted by CarlThomas 26 days ago
My bad regarding the connection. I guess in that case you were using a browser with some kind of caching / data reduction operation, which would also explain the high latency.

If your home connection had issues due to others downloading a bunch at 10:30am during a weekday I'm not sure why you'd praise your provider. Congestion at that time is really bad.

You may not be aware but there's no downstream management, and you weren't under upstream management.
Posted by comnut 26 days ago
mlmclaren: what mistake??? :) If you think it 'does not exist' you have not Googled it like I just did...

As I said above, I do not **CARE** how it works, just that is DOES!

As for your 'problem', it means nothing if you do not say what speed it SHOULD be..

maybe you should try this???
Posted by comnut 26 days ago
Carl: AGAIN, I am NOT talking about that, I am talking about this browser that gives all the wrong results on TBB, while the others work great... :)

I guess you have not even tried downloading and trying it!!

Oh the boss dont like you doing it? you have no time to do it at home, and cannot bother, but just want to waste time talking ... ZZZZzzzzz...
Posted by comnut 25 days ago
Andrew, sorry, you dont even know how turbo works???

well, here is the data... by default, turbo is OFF!! (note I did a clean install, no changes!!)

here is my test using Opera on WIFI from my laptop!
(yes, top limit is 87Mbps!!)
Posted by comnut 25 days ago
turbo is OFF!!
111.2 178.4 10.1
127.7 194.9 11.8

now, turbo on..
123.7 172.5 9.9
133.5 186 11.1

Not that much difference.. actually some reduction!!

you will have to try doing it yourself, to see why i KNOW you have not downloaded the browser..
Posted by comnut 25 days ago can see there is something wrong (turbo on) and does not complete... :)
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) 25 days ago
Clearly someone feels very strongly about insisting on using a 5 year old browser version, so will add a warning for that browser version for the handful of people using it. On the to-do list.
Posted by comnut 25 days ago
anyone know australis? a similar thing happened to opera... turned a highly customizable and fast browser into a stripped down thing, useless..
Posted by CarlThomas 25 days ago
Given I work from home, Comnut, I doubt my boss is too bothered what I do as long as I get my work done.

I have about 64Mb on my primary home connection and Think Broadband produces about the same results everywhere else does.

Regarding - a reminder VM host Ookla servers. The turbo option will break tests to those servers.

I have no interest in using a 5 year old browser. I was under the impression we were discussing broadband, not obsolete browser software. My bad.
Posted by mlmclaren 25 days ago

I give up... NEXT....
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